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Quick Overview

  • World’s Lightest Power Wheelchair
  • Fits into any car
  • Airplane approved


The Feather Power™ Chair weighs only 33 lbs, making it the world’s lightest electric wheelchair.

If that’s not enough to excite you here are some more amazing details:

Foldability: the Feather Power™ Chair folds super small. The seat collapses to 13” and the back folds down to 28” making it small top fit into any car or coat closet

Note: most power chairs need to be taken apart into multiple pieces when lifting into a car or when storing, thus making it a real pain to disassemble and reassemble it every time you want to take a ride, the Feather Power™ collapses and folds into ONE piece!

Super lightweight: The Feather Power™ Chair weighs, in total, only 33 lbs. Making it super easy to lift into a car or any obstacle.

Speed: 4 mph.

Range: With one battery charge you can travel 13 miles!

Battery: Lithium ion battery.

Support: The Feather Power™ Chair has a 1” seat and back cushions for super comfort, armrests that are both padded for comfort and will flip back if you need the extra room to get in and out of the chair.

Airline approved: the Feather Power™ Chair removable lithium battery allows for it to be taken on an airplane


  • The world’s lightest electric wheelchair at 33 lbs!
  • Three-second quick fold
  • Folds into one piece
  • 4 mph
  • 13-miles range
  • 1” thick seat & back cushion
  • Folds to 28” x 29” x 14”
  • Wheel Type: non-pneumatic, flat-free tires
  • Padded Flipback Armrests
  • Electromagnetic Brakes
  • 120W Rated input power (Motor)
  • Airplane Approved!


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